motores electricos cordoba

We are a company dedicated to transformers manufacture and repairing them, AC and DC motors rewind and repairing of general electrical machinery.
We repair and sell AC and DC electric motors.

Repairs on the type of incident can be performed in the field and at our facilities in Cordoba.
The repair process, whether conducted in-house as if performed in the field, follow the same quality control procedures that are used for the manufacture of new transformers.

During the time we need to repair the transformers, we provide our customers equipments with similar characteristics.
We have a test platform corroborated in the L.C.O.E. and approved by ENDESA Y UNIÓN FENOSA, where the following routine test have been performed:
plataforma ensayo
  • Measurement of ohmic resistence of the windings.
  • Measurement of the ratio and connection group.
  • Losses due to charge measure.
  • Short-circuit impedance measure.
  • Insulation measure.
  • Losses and vacuum current (100% and 110%).
  • Induced voltage.
  • Applied voltage to frecuency industry.


In all transformers, both manufactured and repaired, assays were performed according to standard routine by which they are made.

At the request and always in agreement with the customer, we also carry out test:

servicios transformadores

  • Heating.
  • Noise.
  • Zero sequence impedance.
  • Electrical harmonic measurement of vacuum current.
  • We provide our customers our engineering office to advise them on any type of installation, in order to adapt our services to your needs.

We also do field work in the installations of our customers, such as maintenance services.